How To Make A Video Blog In WordPress From Scratch

Making a video blog in WordPress is easier than before. If you are searching, how to make a video blog, you are in this right place. In this post, I am going to discuss, how to make a video blog. I will mention the theme and plugin required to video blog, so stick around!

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How To Make A Video Blog In WordPress From Scratch

Making a website in WordPress is always easy for its user-friendly interface. If you know basic customization of WordPress, you will be happy after watching this video. I used ColorMag Free WordPress theme and Featured Video Plus Free WordPress plugin to make this video blog from scratch.

ColorMag Newspaper Theme Download Link

If you want to practice with me, please download theme and plugin from the link and login to your WordPress Dashboard. Follow every step I am showing in the video. This will be helpful for you to learn each step properly.

ColorMag is basically a newspaper WordPress theme. The reason behind of choosing this theme is its large thumbnail images. Large thumbnails always help to display your video properly. You can choose any WordPress theme, but you should choose a theme that has a large thumbnail image. After installing your theme, you have to install the plugin, I mentioned already.

Demo ColorMag NewsPaper WordPress Theme

ColorMag Theme Customization Tutorial

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